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About this Journal
This journal exists for baratron to post her Sims 2 stories, and any other random fiction she happens to write.

Wanna know how I set up something? Ask in the "Spoil The Magic" thread! I won't answer technical questions in the story threads :)
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Jan. 16th, 2006 @ 02:59 am Mitch & Max stories - sorted!
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OK. A little present for you today. I've finally got round to reposting the Outtakes from the Friends Family Chapter 3 that went missing in livejournal's server shuffle. And, even more belatedly, I've finally got round to putting HTML around the Friends Family Chapter 2, so you can read it on web pages rather than by having to click through the photo album. Hooray!

Please note the trigger warning on Chapter 2 - it turned out way darker than I originally intended, and parts of it might be upsetting to some people.

The Friends Family: Chapter 1 - The Friends at College
The Friends Family: Chapter 2: Strangetown Nightmares
The Friends Family: Chapter 3: Mitch's Fan Club
gallery: Chapter 3 - Outtakes. Times when the actors weren't doing what they were supposed to be, or the game was even less co-operative than usual, or...

Enjoy :)
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