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Lately I've been having trouble working on any "new stuff" for reasons that are detailed here. Specifically, it seems to be that while torturing your characters makes for a better narrative, it's damn hard to do that if you like them. I'm also still not well, which is sapping my motivation to spend ages setting up complicated shots in The Sims 2.

But I don't stop thinking about my characters. I've been planning for a while to go back to the Mitch & Max story and rewrite the first few chapters, to be a coherent story without the screenshot photos. I haven't yet managed to rewrite very much, but instead have created a prequel, or possibly prelude, with the extra details about the characters that I know now but didn't know then. This is the real Chapter 1. Fortunately, geeks tend to start numbering at 0, so I could call this Chapter 0 and still have Chapter 1 as it is. Unfortunately, it's going to mess up again by the time I get to Chapter 3, because that really needs to be split in half, and by the time I've done that, the chapter numbers will be all out of sync between the original photo stories and the text-only stories anyway, so perhaps I should just cut my losses now...

Ah well. Whatever! Chapter 0! Enjoy!

I'm really proud of this - there are a few parts where the phrasing could be improved, but I'm pretty pleased. Please comment if you enjoyed it, and constructive criticism is also welcome.

Clicky the clicky thing, if you haven't already.
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Buzz & Chloe

The Grunt family - updated at last!

The first three chapters of the Grunt family saga finally come to livejournal. Chapters 1 & 2 are unchanged from the version posted on the Sims 2 Exchange, Chapter 3 is in a new "director's cut", which is longer and slightly more racy than the Exchange version.

The Grunt family: Chapter 1 - Tank goes to college
The Grunt family: Chapter 2 - General Buzz's Friend
The Grunt family: Chapter 3 - Ripp's Secret - SPECIAL LIVEJOURNAL EDITION

If you read the stories here & like them, please head over to the Exchange and rate them: Chapter 1, Chapter 2 & Chapter 3. At least you don't have to wait for the whole thing to load to give the stories a rating :)

I'm working on Chapter 4 at the moment - somewhat annoyingly, I'm enough of a perfectionist that now I know how to take decent photographs in-game, I'm feeling the need to throw away all my old photos from unfinished stories and re-shoot them. I'm trying to resist the urge to do this with the Grunt saga, as the original idea was to write this as the antithesis of the Friends and SimFreezepop stories, where shots get set up in tortuous detail; and simply play the game and take photos as I go. So far, I've thrown away the pictures of Tank & girl friends as I hated the house they lived in, but I half-want to reshoot all the Ripp & friends pictures as well because of things like Visible Plumbbob Syndrome. I hope I'll manage not to, or you'll be waiting even longer for the "real" update :).
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Mitch & Max stories - sorted!

OK. A little present for you today. I've finally got round to reposting the Outtakes from the Friends Family Chapter 3 that went missing in livejournal's server shuffle. And, even more belatedly, I've finally got round to putting HTML around the Friends Family Chapter 2, so you can read it on web pages rather than by having to click through the photo album. Hooray!

Please note the trigger warning on Chapter 2 - it turned out way darker than I originally intended, and parts of it might be upsetting to some people.

The Friends Family: Chapter 1 - The Friends at College
The Friends Family: Chapter 2: Strangetown Nightmares
The Friends Family: Chapter 3: Mitch's Fan Club
gallery: Chapter 3 - Outtakes. Times when the actors weren't doing what they were supposed to be, or the game was even less co-operative than usual, or...

Enjoy :)
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SimFreezepop: Boys on Film!

OK. I'm currently in the middle of no less than four Sims stories, all of which are annoying me for one reason or another; mainly technical issues relating to the in-game camera. I'm going to try some of the third-party camera mods & see if they help.

As I am insane, I put together this collection of silly photos as an aside. It's only taken me about 6 hours in Photoshop & Sims 2 BodyShop plus another 45 minutes in Homecrafter Plus to make all the custom content, plus half an hour in SimPE fiddling with $stuff, plus another 20 or-so hours in the game itself. All this for 20 shots! Yes, I am a perfectionist, why do you ask?!

Anyway, please enjoy this piece of pure pop fluff by the pixel perfection that is SimFreezepop. Girls & gay bois, please get some tissues ready to mop up your drool. You'll need them ;)

Click here for the cuteness...

All lyrics from "Boys on Film", by K. Crooker & J. Gamache, copyright (C) 2004 Freezepop. Used without permission & not for profit.

SimFreezepop icons

Feel free to take any of these icons - with credit to baratron, please. Outside livejournal, credit them to helen-louise ( Thanks!

Right-click on the icon you want, hit "Save image..." and type in a filename. They're all jpegs. Note that by default, they'll all save as t6464.jpeg - so you'd better pick a filename if you want more than one!
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Sims 2

The Friends Family: Chapter 3: Mitch's Fan Club

New Mitch & Max story! Yay!

Don't tell me it's been months in the making - I know. I needed Nightlife for the Downtown scenes, and I wasn't going to buy it until Maxis had got off their arses and released the University Patch. Then I discovered that J.M. Pescado wouldn't be getting it for "6-8 weeks", and had the delightful joys of trying to manage without the Phone Hack and Romance Mod. Eurgh.

Also, I finished writing this chapter on 22nd November. However, livejournal was having photo hosting issues, and mine are still not resolved. I finally gave up and re-posted all the pictures today.

Anyway, 'tis now done. With many thanks to the people who beta-read odd sentences here & there and helped with the sex scenes. For yea, sex scenes exist in this chapter! I hope that they are subtle and add to your enjoyment of the story, rather than being annoying. I can't write really explicit sex without getting embarrassed anyway, so I'm hardly going to inflict it on other people :D

Follow this link to read the story...

Comments are disabled on this post because I'm sure you'll want to discuss the plot, and I didn't want to spoil it for anyone who hadn't clicked through yet...
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science genius girl

SimFreezepop: Chapter 1: Science Genius Girl

Update: 11 December 2005 04:31.

Finally obtained a Round Tuit, and posted the Freezepop story as handy journal entries, thus reducing the number of clicks necessary to read the whole story from 38 down to a mere 7! If you haven't already, click here to read the whole story. Or why not read it again, for fun? ;)

Haven't handily HTMLised the Credits or Outtakes and bloopers because I am lazy.

Also, SimFreezepop mend the plumbing. Because the damn bathroom kept breaking, and it was driving me nuts!
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The Grunt Family: Chapter 3: Ripp's Secret

Chapter 3 is up on the Sims 2 Exchange. Features boys kissing, as well as boy-kissing-cow-who-is-a-boy. (Don't worry - in Chapter 4, the cow suit comes off!).

Some angst features, but it is not too chewy. Chapter 4 is where the real angst starts, as I torment my sims for a better story. (Heehee!)

Again, if you have an EA site login, please Rate my story and/or sign my Guestbook. Thanks!
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