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This journal exists for baratron to post her Sims 2 stories, and any other random fiction she happens to write.

Wanna know how I set up something? Ask in the "Spoil The Magic" thread! I won't answer technical questions in the story threads :)
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Apr. 1st, 2006 @ 02:51 am Stuff. And Things.
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Lately I've been having trouble working on any "new stuff" for reasons that are detailed here. Specifically, it seems to be that while torturing your characters makes for a better narrative, it's damn hard to do that if you like them. I'm also still not well, which is sapping my motivation to spend ages setting up complicated shots in The Sims 2.

But I don't stop thinking about my characters. I've been planning for a while to go back to the Mitch & Max story and rewrite the first few chapters, to be a coherent story without the screenshot photos. I haven't yet managed to rewrite very much, but instead have created a prequel, or possibly prelude, with the extra details about the characters that I know now but didn't know then. This is the real Chapter 1. Fortunately, geeks tend to start numbering at 0, so I could call this Chapter 0 and still have Chapter 1 as it is. Unfortunately, it's going to mess up again by the time I get to Chapter 3, because that really needs to be split in half, and by the time I've done that, the chapter numbers will be all out of sync between the original photo stories and the text-only stories anyway, so perhaps I should just cut my losses now...

Ah well. Whatever! Chapter 0! Enjoy!

I'm really proud of this - there are a few parts where the phrasing could be improved, but I'm pretty pleased. Please comment if you enjoyed it, and constructive criticism is also welcome.

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